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America del Sur

journey in 65 pictures from the Caribbean Sea to the southernmost tip of Latin America. From small fishing villages through the Colombian mainland and Ecuador the trip takes us to the Peruvian coast and over the Andes and the Bolivian Altiplano into the Amazon rainforest. Then we head further South to the endless plains, steep mountains and the labyrinth of channels of Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego. We encounter traces of mysterious old civilisations, abundance of plants and animals and an enormous richness of culture. 

America del Sur

America del Sur

America del Sur


Nepal is a country in transition: The king has resigned and a new parliament is working out a constitution, trying to overcome the damages caused by the civil war and to give a voice and the chance to develop to the many ethnic minorities throughout the country. While in rural regions life is going on as it has during centuries, the capital is rapidly growing, facing many of the problems of cities in developing countries.

Here you can find some impression from the capital Kathmandu and the old royal city of Bhaktapur as well as from the rural life in the villages at the foot of the Annapurna mountain.

Patagonia - that's the large region in the south of South America, shared between Argentina and Chile. It's a synonym for far, windy lands, hundreds of kilometres of unpaved roads without any settlements and Gauchos riding through the Pampa. It's the place of 3000 metres high granite peaks, giant glaciers and 2000 years old trees.

Haning glaciar   Gauchos

 See here pictures of my trip in early 2007.

Lappland and Helsinki

Impressions from the colorful autumn in middle Finland and the more and more rough landscape while traveling further north through the land of the Sami towards the Barents Sea. In sharp contrast are glimpses from Helsinki where growing nationalism at the beginning of the 20th century found its reflection in powerful architecture which today is met by modern design.


Many call Ireland a mystic country, due to its old cultural heritage with Neolithic monuments, Celtic high crosses and medieval monasteries, combined with a spectacular coast. But also the stories from the fight for independence as well as the signs of the recent economic boom are part of this heritage. And of course Ireland wouldn’t be the same without its legendary hospitality, probably best seen in the traditional pubs, where old and young meet for a talk and a pint of beer or some spontaneous music performance.

Connemara  Dublin Pub


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