Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea is one of the most diverse places in the world, both in nature and culture. Over 800 languages - 20 per cent of all languages spoken in the world - are spoken in Papua New Guinea, and the diverse ecosystems still lead regularly to discoveries of new species. 

While the coastal regions had been visited by some sailors and a few German and Australian settlements were founded, the central highlands were unknown to the rest of the world until the middle of the last century. Only then Australian gold prospectors encountered around 1 million people still living as their ancestors had done for thousands of years. The rapid change from a stone age society to a modern world is still going on. Complex old tribal structures are seeking its place in a modern world; traditions and local craftsmanship encounter today's technology.

The highlands around Goroka encounter a year round tempered, spring like climate, making Papua New Guinea one of the world's most famous coffee producers. The coastal regions are shaped by tropical heat and rainforest, and off the coast pristine reefs harbor the worlds biggest diversity of coral species.


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